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Guilty Gear X
It is said that when Dizzy was abandoned in the village as an orphan, she was just a human child. An old couple with no one to depend on took care of her. After half a year, the people of the village became scared of her because of the speed at which her body and mind developed. One day, Dizzy found that she had wings and a tail. It was then that the villagers decided to expel her as a Gear. But her foster parents did not agree, so they hid her in the woods, away from the people of the village. She was placed in an area called "the devil's living place," a place that no one dared to approach. Living alone there in a cave, her shelter was eventually discovered by humans and she was put away in confinement. The humans tried to hurt her several times but she always drove them away without seriously wounding anyone. To escape the cruel abuse, Dizzy finally decided to leave her dear old home...

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