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Tekken Series
Alisa Boskonovitch
a.k.a. Alisa Bosconovitch
Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury 2) says...
Is that all your power?
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The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6
Storyline of Tekken 6
Deep in the forests of Russia is a heavily guarded research facility-the Bosconovich Laboratory. This facility was highly valued by the Mishima Zaibatsu as a hub for the organization’s military equipment development.

The lowest level of the Bosconovich Lab houses a top-secret area in which a young girl was found sleeping in a clear capsule. Her name was Alisa Bosconovich-her surname an homage to the Lab’s founder and the facility’s mysterious effects on her development. There are no other details on her...

Dr. Boskonovich is Alisa Boskonovitch's father
Dr. B created Alisa in the image of his late daughter.

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