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Any character who has ever been fightable in any fighting game ever. Includes characters only accessible as bosses or assists.

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A weapon combining a firearm of some sort with a bladed weapon. This includes bayonets.

Black Ranger / Black Power Ranger, Mighty Morphin' Black Ranger
Saban Entertainment
Blue Ranger / Blue Power Ranger, Mighty Morphin' Blue Ranger
Saban Entertainment
Kamen Rider Kaixa / Kamen Rider Kaiser
Shotaro Ishinomori
Pink Ranger / Pink Power Ranger, Mighty Morphin' Pink Ranger
Saban Entertainment
Powerd Ciel / Executioner Ciel
Red Ranger / Red Power Ranger, Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger
Saban Entertainment
Yuko Kondou / Yuuko Kondou

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