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Any character who has ever been fightable in any fighting game ever. Includes characters only accessible as bosses or assists.

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Uses some kind of unattached ball (basketball, volleyball, iron ball, etc) during battle.

Kaf Ka / Kap Ka
Naxat Soft
Kiyoko Mitarai / Kiyoko of the Softball Club
Fill-in Cafe
Kumi Okubo / Kumi of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Kumi Ookubo
Fill-in Cafe
Ninja Boy / Kuroko
Ryuko Yamazaki / Ryuko of the Volleyball Club
Fill-in Cafe
Tamaki Shindo / Tamaki of the Tennis Club, Tamaki Shindou
Fill-in Cafe
γ / Gamma
Shonen Jump

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