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Dante's Ending (Marvel vs Capcom 3)

Dante: ...C'mon! You mean to tell me you've never played a video game before?

Dante: All the good ones get harder and more interesting as you progress. It's kind of a given in good game design.

Dante: You wanna make sure the player doesn't get bored before the end.

Ghost Rider: And what would I care for this nonsense?

Dante: Don't you get it, dude? I just beat the big boss in the game, but now...

Ghost Rider: A stronger opponent has appeared, correct? I will warn you, devil hunter, this is no game you are playing.

Dante: Ha-ha-ha! Are you kidding!? Life IS the ultimate game! You just don't get unlimited continues.

Dante: But me, I always beat my games on the first try, so you better show me everything you got, sizzle-head!

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