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Before Battle with Saishu (Japan Team)

Goro Daimon: What in blazes?

Benimaru Nikaido: Oh no, gas!

Kyo Kusanagi: We're trapped!

Goro Daimon: Uh... Oooooh....

Rugal Bernstein: Wake up, my asian friends.

Benimaru Nikaido: Ru... Rugal! I knew it!

Rugal Bernstein: Heh, heh. A final revelation before death. Just desserts for foiling my evil plans.

Benimaru Nikaido: Well, you sure fooled us good!

Kyo Kusanagi: The Kusanagi blood boils with rage! You're meat, pal!

Rugal Bernstein: Tough talk for a fly. Now, something for the Kusanagis! I know you can't pass this up!

Saishu Kusanagi: Long time, no see, Kyo!

Kyo Kusanagi: I don't believe... Papa-san?

Saishu Kusanagi: Yes, reincarnated by Rugal! I now know the ultimate! Join me, and feel the universe's full power!

Benimaru Nikaido: Kyo! Don't be fooled-- he's brainwashed!

Kyo Kusanagi: Rugal, you monster!

Rugal Bernstein: A touching reunion. Saishu, kill them!

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