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Ending (Kim Team) (King of Fighters '96, The)

Goenitz: What a surprise... Eh, Kagura? You guys really know your stuff! But you will never seal off the Orochi power again. Give it up now, while you still can.

Maki Kagura: Don't flatter yourself, ugly. The Orochi power is as good as locked away!

Goenitz: You vain fools... Oh, a fine wind blows. My time has come.

Kim Kaphwan: You're not getting away.

Goenitz: No, I'm being called away... to Heaven.

Kim Kaphwan: What a fool... Taking his own life!

Chang Koehan: Hey, the cutey's gone, too!

Choi Bounge: Hey, you're right!

Kim Kaphwan: I hope I see her again. Hubba, hubba! But instead of that, you guys...

Chang w/ Choi: Uh, oh!

Kim Kaphwan: Congratulations. You guys really proved yourselves! You're free to go!

Chang Koehan: Eh. Finally...

Choi Bounge: R, really?

Kim Kaphwan: Really. You did great!

Chang Koehan: All right!

Choi Bounge: Our days of suffering and penitence are over!

Chang Koehan: When I think we can get away from Kim, I just can't stop laughing!

Choi Bounge: How true!

Chang w/ Choi: Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah... Ah!

Kim Kaphwan: What did you say?

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