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Cerebella's Ending

Cerebella: So, this is it: the Skull Heart, the source of the Skullgirl's power.

Cerebella: No time for wishes - I need to find that thief and bring her back to Vitale.

Ms. Fortune: Thanks for dealing with Marie for me, circus-girl!

Ms. Fortune: ...Let me go! I've got to avenge my friends... no, my family! With one wish, I can end the Medici Mafia!

Cerebella: I can't let you make that wish - that's my family you're talking about now!

Ms. Fortune: With or without my wish, I'll destroy them!

Ms. Fortune: As long as the Life Gem's power flows through my veins, no one can stop me from avenging the Fishbone Gang!

Cerebella: ...Flows through your veins, eh?

Vitale: Well done - you've exceeded my greatest expectations!

Vitale: That mangy cat-burglar won't be bothering us anymore, the Skullgirl has been defeated, and the Life Gem is back in Medici hands.

Vitale: Our empire will be truly everlasting - soon, even the royal Renoir family will be no match for the Medicis!

Vitale: ...And it's all thanks to you, Cerebella.

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