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Seeing you in action is a joke!
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Ms. Fortune Act 2

Valentine: ...I underestimated you, but I've seen all that I need to see.

Valentine: And I'm sure the analysis of this blood will prove most enlightening.

Ms. Fortune: You just don't stop, do you?

Double: Lady Valentine, the Skullgirl has requested your presence at the Cathedral.

Ms. Fortune: A nurse and a nun? Ha, where have I heard this joke before...?

Valentine: I'll be there soon, Double - return and let Marie know that I found Lorenzo. His minions led me right to him.

Valentine: ...I just had to stop and perform a little experiment on our feline friend here.

Double: ...Very well.

Valentine: Take care, kitty - we'll have a follow-up visit as soon as these tests come back from the lab!

Ms. Fortune: So the Skullgirl is hiding at the Divine Trinity's Grand Cathedral, is she?

Ms. Fortune: Never was one for churches, but here I'll make an exception.

Ms. Fortune: ...We'll be back together soon enough, guys.

Ms. Fortune: So this is the Grand Cathedral, eh?

Ms. Fortune: Meow what's a Skullgirl like you doing in a place like this?

Valentine: She followed me home, Double! Can I keep her?

Ms. Fortune: ...You again! Don't you have an appointment with the Skullgirl?

Valentine: Indeed I did, but I'm afraid we've got a scheduling conflict. As it turns out, YOU'VE got an appointment on my dissection table... right about now.

Valentine: Let's not be late, or I'll have to get my spray bottle.

Ms. Fortune: You couldn't beat me before, so what makes you think you can now?

Valentine: Yes, my previous experiment was a failure, but I've got my lab partner to help this time around.

Double: ...May the Trinity have mercy on this poor, lost soul.

Ms. Fortune: The nun is your lab assistant? Hate to break it to you lady, but you're not gonna get much science out of this one.

Double: Your experiments will have to wait, Valentine - she is a candidate.

Valentine: A candidate, you say? Even better!

Valentine: C'mon kitty - the doctor will see you now!

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