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Khai's Ending

Khai: I've finally won!

Jiro: Now what?

Khai: I, I don't know. Didn't think that far ahead.

Jiro: Well congratulations. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Khai: Wait, you're not going to challenge me back or something?

Jiro: Not my style. Besides there're plenty of stronger fighters out there for you to challenge.

Mai: So you finally defeated Jiro, huh?

Khai: Yep, all by myself.

Mai: Good, maybe you'll finally come to your senses and stop obsessing over it.

Khai: Whatever.

Mai: I'll see you after school.

Khai: Geyser Knee!

Khai: Hurricane Upper!!!

Khai: Monsoon Kick!!!

Mai: Still training? I thought you were done with that!

Khai: Never! Defeating Jiro was just the beginning. There're stronger opponents out there!

Mai: Ugh! So now what? You're going to become some sort of world warrior?

Khai: Maybe I will!

Mai: You're hopeless...

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