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Ms. Fortune Act 1

Yu Wan: Thanks for scaring them off, Nadia. Your next dinner is on me!

Ms. Fortune: Actually, I think it's time I make my move and follow them.

Ms. Fortune: I've got to catch me a Skullgirl, and it sounds like mafia goons are the purr-fect bait to draw her out.

Yu Wan: Sounds very dangerous. Be careful out there! You're like family to us, you know!

Minette: Nadia... do you really think the Skull Heart can bring your friends back?

Ms. Fortune: There's only one way to find out!

Valentine: Well, well... what have we here? That's quite the body you've got there, kitty.

Ms. Fortune: ...Er, sorry creepy lady, I'm not interested.

Valentine: Oh, don't get the wrong idea... I was just admiring your scars! You've been cut clean-through several times over!

Valentine: No one could survive that... yet here you are, walking, talking, and shedding.

Valentine: Whatever's animating you could be invaluable to my research.

Valentine: ...Let's perform an autopsy and see what makes you tick!

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