Ryu (Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter) says...
Look into your soul in order to find the way.
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Heihachi Rival Battle

Heihachi Mishima: An utter disappointment! This has been no test of my abilities at all. I could beat these fools at any age.

Heihachi Mishima: What now? Two cats! This whole trial has been a waste of time.

Toro: Look over there. Does that look like...?

Kuro: It is! Heihachi! But he looks so... young! Where is his gray hair?

Toro: Kuro! You must have respect for an elder warrior.

Toro: Not all, Heihachi-san.

Heihachi Mishima: You should have listened to your friend. Now I'll give you a lesson in respect you won't forget!

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