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Hulk's Ending

Hulk: Puny zombie! Hulk hate zombie!


Hulk: Stupid frog creature! Hulk hurt frog creature!

*Smash! Crack!*

Nemesis T-Type: Groaaaaar!

Hulk: Who is ugly man? Can Hulk smash?

Chris Redfield: Ah, him? I believe he's called Nemesis. He spent a lot of time trying to kill Jill.

Hulk: Then... HULK SMASH!!

Chris Redfield: So much for him. OK, intel says that Wesker's lab is on the other side of that door.

Chris Redfield: And there he is... That guy with the sunglasses and the smug look. Be gentle with him, Hulk.

Hulk: Wesker is small! Wesker is weak! Hulk is strongest! Hulk beat Wesker!

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