Laura Matsuda (Street Fighter 5) says...
Boom! That's how you start the fight and finish it quickly!
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Lucy Cannon's Ending

Later in the Bahamas...

Shao Ting: Ooh!

Lucy Cannon: ♪ Wherever the fight, I'll be fightin' and ridin' it! Wherever the butt, I'll be kickin' it and lovin' it! ♪

Shao Ting: ♪ Whatever you're bending, I be looking and loving and looking and sinking and dreaming... ♪

Lucy Cannon: Watch your punk ass!

Shao Ting: ♪ ...then I'm just talking! ♪

Lucy Cannon: Dead men don't dream, sucka!

Lucy traded her cannon for a mike and is now hosting a successful children's TV show. She promises to return to the silver screen as soon as her mail-order bazooka comes in.

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