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Wang's Ending

Wang Jinrei: Gentlemen, I've called you here on the gravest of matters. I'd like to discuss our futures.

Wang Jinrei: What does our existence mean in this world? How will we survive in this world?

"The Future of Tekken Open Discussion"

Wang Jinrei: I'm sharing these questions with you to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Wang Jinrei: I want to do something that gives me real recognition. In short, I want to be a stud.

Jinpachi Mishima: By the way, old friend, didn't you die after beating Azazel last time?

Wang Jinrei: That's right. I did die. My awesome existence allowed me to cheat death and stand before you now.

Jinpachi Mishima: They were this close to killing off a no-name character like you.

Jinpachi Mishima: The only reason you're still here is because those wussy game developers didn't have the heart to go through with it.

Jinpachi Mishima: You'll never figure anything out until you start facing reality.

Wang Jinrei: Hmph! That's a lot to say coming from a guy who turned into sand in my very hands that one time, and there's no evidence that I actually died.

Jinpachi Mishima: You honestly think that makes you immortal? Don't make me laugh. If anyone's immortal around here, it's ME.

Dr. Boskonovich: Now, now. Let's all stay calm. What do you all say to my building my own offspring?

Dr. Boskonovich: Alisa, Bryan, Yoshimitsu, and Jack. All of them are dependent on my existence.

Dr. Boskonovich: As long as they're functioning, then in a way, I will live on forever as their creator.

Jinpachi Mishima: But you're not doing anything yourself.

Wang Jinrei: He's right. You're not even popular.

Dr. Boskonovich: With my beautiful and devoted daughter Alisa by my side, I don't need anyone else.

Dr. Boskonovich: Then how about a way for us to emphasize our sense of existence in a more personal way, like equipping chainsaws or a rocket punch?

Dr. Boskonovich: If you'd like, I can fit you with parts to make you immortal, or remodel you as a cyborg.

Sebastian: Personally, I cherish being able to serve Ms. Lili. It gives me more than enough to reason to life.

Sebastian: However, I must admit the idea of immortality or becoming a cyborg is quite appealing.

Wang Jinrei: Hm? Ah, you're finally here!


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