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Wolverine's Ending (X-Men: Children of the Atom)

Wolverine: It's over, bub! You can either come with me, or I can drag ya... It's your choice!

Magneto: You can still join me, Wolverine.

Magneto: Help me protect mutantkind.

Wolverine: Save the speeches, Maggie. You're through!

Magneto: Then leave now. Avalon will not last much longer.

Colossus: Wolverine! What has happened?

Wolverine: It's over. Let's get out of here.

Wolverine: Stubborn to the end.

Iceman: What was that?

Wolverine: Nothing.

Phoenix: Welcome back!

Cyclops: Jean...

Phoenix: I'm glad you're safe. I was worried.

Wolverine: Take care of her, Summers.

Wolverine: I need a vacation.

Wolverine: It never fails. I can't spend three days in this country without running into one of you jokers.

Silver Samurai: You have interfered with me too often, Wolverine.

Silver Samurai: I will no longer tolerate it!

Wolverine: Thanks for the exercise.

Wolverine: Where to next? I hear Madripoor is nice this time of year.

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