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Chris' Ending

Daredevil: ...and furthermore, I will present incontrovertible evidence of the defendant's involvement with the Raccoon City Incident of 1998.

Wesker: Ah, yes. The Umbrella Mansion. I got quite carried away with that little... experiment.

Bailiff: Shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you!

Bailiff: You're going away for a long, long time. You're done, you hear me?

Wesker: Oh, on the contrary, I'm just about to get started.

Bailiff: ...!? Gaya!


Chris Redfield: No, it really is the end of the line.

Chris Redfield: Those restraints are made to hold you tight, and I'm here to keep you in line.

Chris Redfield: Try anything funny and you'll find yourself pinned to the floor.

Wesker: Hmph. Still a boy scout, Chris... And still a thorn in my side...

Chris Redfield: Sorry for the disturbance, Your Honor. Mr. Murdock, please continue with your deposition.

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