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Viewtiful Joe's Ending

Viewtiful Joe: Alrighty! Another case is in the bag! Piece of cake for old Detective Joe!

Captain Blue: Who would've thought the culprit was Alastor? You did good here, Joe. You're a natural.

Viewtiful Joe: Of course I am. I'm the sexy and talented Viewtiful Ace Detective Joe! Get your autographs while they're still free!


Mojo: Gyaaaaaah! Actors and their egos!

Mojo: I told him over and over and over and over and over again! Do NOT ad-lib your lines! I could just murder someone, you know?

Spiral: Mojo, where did you find this runt? Just let me execute him and we'll use the stunt double instead.

Mojo: No, no, no! It has to be the "hero who defeated Galactus." Just think of all the ratings we'll get!

Mojo: But you're right. We've wasted enough time and money! Joe! If you mess up the next take, I'll have you deboned!

Spiral: ...OK. Take 182. Ready... Action!

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