Sagat (Street Fighter 4) says...
Only those with the courage to face me are granted a rematch.
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Ending (Yagami Team)

Goenitz: I underestimated the strength of the Yagami... But you dupes should know Yagami is dangerous! If he possesses the Orochi power, he and you will be destroyed by my awesome power!

Vice: You mean the legendary "Riot of the Blood"?

Mature: Don't worry about us, loser.

Goenitz: Yeah, I guess you're right. You'll find out soon enough... A fine wind blows. It's time.

Iori Yagami: Gonna run away to Mommy, huh? Fine with us!

Goenitz: No, I'm being called... to Heaven.

Vice: Hey, did he... die?

Mature: Perhaps. He's just that kinda guy.

Vice: But that Yagami is one scary dude!

Mature: Are you shaking?

Vice: Yeah, he ain't normal. But, that guy... I mean... He's really tough.

Iori Yagami: W, what? I can't see! Yaaah! Unnhhh! Gya... GWAAAAH!

Vice: Hey, Yagami, take it easy!

Mature: Oh, my God...

Iori Yagami: I, it's the... Riot of the Blood!

Vice: Gah. You mean there's nothing we can do?

Mature: Ooowaaaaah! Ya, Yagami!


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