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Ending (Women Fighters Team)


Congrats! Congrats! Congratulations!

Mai Shiranui: Victory tastes sweet!

King: When we get serious, it's a piece of cake!

Yuri Sakazaki: That's right! We invented the girl team!

Yuri Sakazaki: Not really!

Mai Shiranui: Ohohohoho!

Mai Shiranui: We're the prettiest and strongest ever!

Hinako: But who of you all is the strongest?

King: That, well, uh... I'm the leader...

Yuri Sakazaki: That's mean, King! That's not how it works!

Mai Shiranui: That's right! You're not the leader because you're strong, but because you're old!

King: Hey!

Yuri Sakazaki: I'm the youngest one, so I'm number 1!

Mai Shiranui: Don't be ridiculous. It's not about youth!

Yuri Sakazaki: Age is irrelevant!

King: Wait, are you girls saying I'm old!?

Vanessa: Hm... It's nice... to be young...

Malin: I think you only won because of luck!

B. Jenet: You're just lucky I didn't participate!

Yuri Sakazaki: None of you did, so keep out of this!

Xiangfei: Oh! So now you're making fun of us?

Kasumi Todoh: I'll show you! Come on, Ms. Kyokugen!

Mai Shiranui: Bring it on, girls!

Hotaru Futaba: Um... Shouldn't we be doing something?

Richard Meyer: ...

Hotaru Futaba: I mean, seriously?

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