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Taokaka Arcade Mode Prefight vs. Arakune

Taokaka: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Wait, wait, wait neow! You black squiggly, come back.

Arakune: You___you're just___replica I____no business w__ you.

Taokaka: Grrr...But I have business with mew!

Taokaka: You're the one who attacked my village!

Taokaka: I dunno if this is good luck or not, but now you have a bounty on your head.

Taokaka: And Tao needs a lot of money!

Taokaka: In other words, I'm going to beat you up and turn you in! Let's go!

Arakune: Gffaaaha!

Arakune: Let me se_ Mayb_ I can turn you into a hors d'oeu__ I'll do you _ favor Com_ here.

Taokaka: Tao's better at eating, meow! I won't lose! I'm going to chop you up, dip you in wasabi soy sauce, and eat you neow!

Taokaka: ...No, never mind. You look nasty. I'll just throw you in the trash.

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