Hugo (Ultra Street Fighter 4) says...
Soon I'll be number one in the world! Not you!
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Before Battle with Rugal (Art of Fighting Team)

Mature: Congratulations on your victory! The sponsor of the tournament welcomes you with open arms. He wishes to invite you... Please, follow me.

Rugal Bernstein: Welcome to my museum. My name is Rugal. I'm the host of this tournament.

Takuma Sakazaki: What? Rugal!? Wait! I've heard of your name... I've heard Rugal is the merchant of death who dominates the black market of the world...

Rugal Bernstein: That is correct. You are very knowledgeable. I guess you've gone through many fights.... Sorry to rush you, but I want you to join my collection.

Robert Garcia: What? Collection?

Rugal Bernstein: Look at the statues around you! These are the end result of fighters that I've beaten so far. Don't you think they are wonderful?

Ryo Sakazaki: You.. You are mad!

Rugal Bernstein: Ha ha ha. I'm perfectly sane. Now, let's go to the battle stage.

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