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Sub-Zero's Ending

Sub-Zero (II): The battle is finished! Your quest for vengeance is over, Scorpion!

Scorpion: You cannot kill a dead man. You have defeated my physical form, but my soul is eternal. You will pay for the massacre of my clan and family.

Quan Chi hits Sub-Zero, knocking him to the ground

Sub-Zero (II): Ohh!

Quan Chi: Well done, Sub-Zero. Like your brother before you, you have served my purposes well.

Sub-Zero (II): I serve no one! Not the Lin Kuei, and not you!

Quan Chi stomps on Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero (II): Ohhhh!

Quan Chi: Scorpion agreed to fight for us, in exchange for freedom from the NetherRealm... a deal I had no intention of fulfilling. By killing him, you saved us the trouble. You AND Scorpion, were pawns for Shinnok.

Scorpion stands and begins to levitate Quan Chi

Sub-Zero (II): SCORPION!


Scorpion conjures a glowing orb below the horizontally floating Quan Chi. Upon its detonation, Quan Chi also explodes

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