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Nathan Spencer's Ending

*BAMF!* *OOF!*

Bioreign #1: Huh?! Argh!

Bioreign #2: Ahhh!

Hey, Spencer...

Spencer: What's up?

Want to explain something to me?

She-Hulk: When you said you wanted to take me out on a date, this isn't what I had in mind.

Spencer: Weren't you the one who said you LOVED thrilling attractions, Jen?

She-Hulk: I should've expected something like this from the start...

She-Hulk: Well, whatever. I can get my hands dirty for you, just this once, so long as we go somewhere nice afterwards.

Spencer: You got it. We'll have a romantic dinner somewhere without all of the explosions and gunfire!

She-Hulk: ...I won't get my hopes up.

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