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Jun the Swan's Ending (Continue to Fight Evil All Over the World)


Jun and her friends returned to their own world. Upon their return, they attacked Galactor's main fortress and completely routed them.

Jun the Swan: We finally won... Galactor's armies will never trouble this world again.

Jun the Swan: Now that they're gone, what am I going to do with myself?

Jun the Swan: There are others in this world who are just as bad as Galactor.

Jun the Swan: I can't quit now. I'm a member of the Science Ninja! It's my duty to fight evil!

Jun the Swan: Come on, Ken! We need to root out those who would try to hurt the innocent!

Ken the Eagle: I like your spirit, Jun. You've really been putting your all into work. And that's good, but...

Jun the Swan: But what?

Ken the Eagle: Well... it's... umm... you see...

Ken the Eagle: It's... your underwear... everyone can see it...

Jun the Swan: What!?


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