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Before Battle with Krizalid 2nd Form (Hero Team)

Battle data download... complete!

Krizalid: Well done, K', Maxima.

Benimaru Nikaido: What's up, K'?

Krizalid: I am Krizalid, and my staff manages your battle data.

Shingo: Data? Manage? I thought this is KOF.

Krizalid: I used KOF, you fools! A ploy, to lure you here!


All squads in position.

Heidern: Good. Subdue Kusanagi. Deploy axe squad at the site. I will follow shortly.

Commander! Listen, we recorded this at the site!

Heidern: On speakers!

Benimaru Nikaido: How did you download the data?

Krizalid: During the last battle, it was sent through my body.

Shingo: What'll you do with it?

Krizalid: Activate our clones in one unified attack!

Benimaru Nikaido: Why, it's...

Shingo: Kyo Kusanagi!!!

Krizalid: Actually, he's a clone. Taken after the Orochi battle. The real one eluded us.

Krizalid: And K' there, is my clone. A product of our technology!

K': Saaay what?

Krizalid: You think differently? Remember your parent's faces? Your childhood?... Can't do it, can you?

K': Uh, N, No...

Benimaru Nikaido: Just what're you scheming?

Krizalid: Clones'll seize maor cities, and our cartel will rule!

Benimaru Nikaido: What?!

Krizalid: K', Maxima, your final mission helped create the trigger data!

Maxima: Trigger data?

Krizalid: The killer instinct! You want it, huh, K'?

K': Well, uh...

Krizalid: I'll take that as a 'yes.' Seize them, you clones!

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