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Act II Prologue

Akira Yuki: Yeah! I did it!

Restauranteur: The winner of the potsticker eating contest is...

Restauranteur: Mr. Akira Yuki!!

Akira Yuki: All right!

Jacky Bryant: The guy is an eatin' machine.

Sarah Bryant: Amazing. He eats like a sumo wrestler.

Pai Chan: What a pig.

Club Owner: I know that girl. That's Pai Chan, the one Liu is after. This is my chance to get in good with the Koenkan.

Club Owner: Excuse me. Miss Chan? I am the owner of this club next door. I've heard there are some hoods after you. Come with me and I'll you to a safe place.

Pai Chan: No thanks. I can handle this myself

Club Owner: What? You little...

Pai Chan: Hey! Mmph!

Club Owner: Liu will pay a pretty price for you, little one.

Akira Yuki: Hey! What's going on? I'm only gonna say this once! Let her go!

Pai Chan: Hngg! Mmph!

Akira Yuki: All right fat man, you asked for it!

Club Owner: Jacky, take care of this guy. Well, what are you waiting for? You're my bouncer. Do some bouncing!

Jacky Bryant: No problem, boss.

Jacky Bryant: Show me what ya got, tough guy.

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