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Ending (Rival Team)

Omega Rugal: Even with my new power, I lost.

Omega Rugal: What? My body..... ?????

Omega Rugal: No... To meet such a fate!

Iori Yagami: Only the bloodline can control such power. You hadn't a chance!

Omega Rugal: Is that so? Dare you seize this power? I'll be back!

Billy Kane: What the...?

Iori Yagami: What a fool. Such power can only mine! Well, shall we wrap this up?

Eiji Kisaragi: What?

Billy Kane: Hey! You're... You're Geese!

Iori Yagami: Just wait, Kyo. You're next for extermination. You and all Kusanagis! Yah, hah, hah!

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