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Ending (Kim Team)

Raiden: Kim, you converted us. Thank you so much!

Hwa Jai: We'll spread the word in our own field from now!

Kim Kaphwan: You're fast learners. I am so proud of you!

Raiden: Don't be silly! You're our benefactor!

Hwa Jai: Exactly! But look at the time!

Kim Kaphwan: Ah, yes, I should go. Stay well, you two!

Raiden: He finally left!

Hwa Jai: Hehehe, idiot.

Raiden: Did Chang and Choi think we'd fall for that?

Hwa Jai: They must be feeling pretty stupid right now.

Raiden: Serves 'em right, haha!

Hwa Jai: Hope Kim teaches 'em a lesson, heeheehee!

Kim Kaphwan: 254... 255... 256... Keep going!

Chang Koehan: Why, those dirty...

Choi Bounge: Seems they were on to our little plan.

Kim Kaphwan: No talking! I've been too nice!

Kim Kaphwan: Those 2 have shown me I need to be tougher!

Chang Koehan: We're not very good...

Choi Bounge: At being evil...

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