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Baraka's Ending

Quan Chi: Enter.

Baraka slowly walks forward

Quan Chi: I said enter, Baraka. Have no fear. Our betrayal is complete. I have dealt with those once loyal to Shinnok. This victory is ours!

Baraka: You bask in your newfound power on the throne of Queen Sindel while I am forced to hide in the shadows.

Quan Chi: Who is it you are hiding from? The Elder Gods are dead, Raiden is dead, and thanks to you, Shinnok is dead.

Baraka: Everyone is dead.

Quan Chi: Yes. Everyone in this forsaken realm is dead.

Baraka: How do we rule a realm with no one in it?

Quan Chi: This war was not about holding court to mortals. It was about obtaining power! I now possess that power!

Baraka: And I am forced to live out my existence in a dead realm with a madman!

His blades drawn, Baraka jumps at Quan Chi and stabs him in the chest, causing him to groan in pain

Baraka: Now, sorcerer, you will pay with your life!

Just as Baraka is about to deal him the final blow, Quan Chi appears behind him

Quan Chi: I haven't a life to give, you fool!

Baraka: What!?

Baraka turns to look at the body on the throne, which was a fake and is now just a skeleton. He then proceeds to leap at Quan Chi, who fires a blast at energy at him, freezing him in mid-air; Baraka explodes a few seconds later

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