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Viewtiful Joe's Ending


Viewtiful Joe: Yaaa-hoo! You got beat bad, monster!

Viewtiful Joe: You got put down by the hottest, rockingest hero in the world: me, Viewtiful Joe! You're lucky it was me and not some third-string stunt double!

*Rumble, rumble!*

Viewtiful Joe: Yo-yo-yo! What's goin' on!? Is the dimensional balance shifting again?

Viewtiful Joe: No way! This can't be happening! The Science Ninja! And Casshern! And that cool guy Polymer!

Viewtiful Joe: I'm not gonna be able to fight with all those kick-ass Japanese anime guys again!!

Viewtiful Joe: Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Ken the Eagle: That guy never stopped talking for a minute.

Polymer: I kind of liked him. He had spirit.

Casshern: He was an interesting character. Maybe... we might run into him again?

Ken the Eagle: Yes, even though he was a chatterbox, he's still a hero, and a darn good one at that!

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