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Iron Tager Arcade Mode Prefight vs. Noel

Iron Tager: Hm. I can't get a hold of them. I don't think this is a malfunction. Is there a barrier of some sort? I feel something threatening in Kagutsuchi.

Noel Vermillion: Excuse me! I believe you are Sir Tager from Sector Seven, correct?

Iron Tager: Yes, I am. Can I help you?

Noel Vermillion: Currently, the 13 Hierarchical City, "Kagutsuchi", is under the control of the Library, and they have issued a Level D warning.

Noel Vermillion: I'm sure you know of the "Inter-Organization Interference Prevention Act", right?

Iron Tager: Of course, I do. Unfortunately, I cannot defer to you right now.

Noel Vermillion: I-In the worst case scenario, we may have to use military force!

Iron Tager: Sorry, but Sector Seven does not accept orders from the Library. If you want to use force to resolve this issue, that is acceptable.

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