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Ending (Psycho Soldiers)

Igniz: Argh. Is this the end... of lovable Igniz?

Igniz: Why?!

Igniz: There was no way I could lose according to my data!

Igniz: Why?! Why?!

Igniz: Does humanity shun the birth of a new god?

Chin Gentsai: Whatcha gone and done?

Igniz: If these humans do not desire the advent of a new god... I shall become a demon! All shall return to nothing!

Athena Asamiya: No! He's going to blow us up!

Kensou: Don't do it, freakshow!

Misty: Can you do it?

Ron: Yes. I believe so...

Kensou: Hey! Everyone OK?

Athena Asamiya: Yeah. We're all right.

Kensou: Whew. What a tough fight! Glad we're all okay.

Athena Asamiya: Hey, I thought Bao gave his abilities to Kensou, but Kensou doesn't seem any different.

Chin Gentsai: Hmm. Surely a flow of power did take place...

Kensou: Yeah. It's gradual. But I sense new power.

Bao: No, no. I didn't transfer my power to brother Kensou. He absorbed my power. What courses in his veins... is the dragon's spirit!

Ron: Hard to believe such a massive spirit still lives... Compared to the dragon's spirit, NESTS' power is nothing...

Ron: If the dragon's spirit is truly awakened... Heh, heh, heh...

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