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Shikaku Nara: And that wraps up the battle reports from each field.

Ay: Hm...

Mei Terumi: We took some major damage, but let's just rejoice that he didn't take over our world.

Tsunade: Yeah, and also that Naruto and Killer Bee got out of this alive.

Ohnoki: Never in a million years did I expect the real Madara to show his face here.

Gaara (Shippuden): He held his own against all five of us... That's a dangerous opponent.

Tsunade: And then there's also the fake one with the mask...

Ohnoki: Something tells me we'll be fighting them both again one day. The Ninja Alliance must stay alert at all times.

Mei Terumi: Let's hold another strategy conference on the coming decisive battle.

Mei Terumi: And we'll need to reform the educational system of each village to produce ninja with adaptable fighting skills.

Ohnoki: Yeah. Now that we've come this far, we've got nothing to hide from each other.

Ay: ......

Ay: Nothing to hide from each other... Hmmm...

Mifune: What is it, Lord Raikage?

Ay: To tell you the truth, when we formed this alliance, I never thought our relationship would hold up like this.

Ay: I thought each village was in this for their own interests, to see how much they could profit from the war.

Ay: I honestly thought that, once the war was over, we'd all go back to how we were before.

Ay: But reality has proven me wrong.

Ay: We're trying to bring the world together as one, in the truest sense.

Ay: I'm starting to think there really is a little hope for a new era.

Gaara (Shippuden): Hmph...

Tsunade: Well, to usher in that new era, it all depends on how we carry ourselves from here on out.

Mei Terumi: First we need to beat Madara. Everything else comes after that.

Ay: I hear ya.

Ohnoki: Which raises the question, how do we handle Killer Bee and Naruto, considering how crucial they are?

Mei Terumi: That reminds me, Lady Hokage. How's he doing...?

Tsunade: Still sawing logs.

Tsunade: Normally the Nine Tails would speed up his recovery, but this time it seems even he was worn to a frazzle.

Tsunade: Look at him, out like a light.

Mei Terumi: Maybe we--

Tsunade: Don't worry, he's fine. He'll wake up soon.

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