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Ending (Hero Team)

Duo Lon: Did they get away...?

Ash Crimson: No, it looks like we were transported... Who knows they had such power? Fascinating.

Shen Woo: ............

Shen Woo: Oooh-whoooooah...!

Shen Woo: Hah, hah, hah... unnh. Can't cry over escaped thugs. But letting them run free is something I can't abide. I'm going after them.

Shen Woo: I've gotta set straight just who is strongest... Bah! I guess the fun will just have to wait.

Ash Crimson: See you in the funny papers, dudes. We'll have to mix it up again someday. Ah ha ha.

Shen Woo: ...Yeah, that's the spirit. You guys are aces. But enough admiration time. Till we meet again, dudes!

Ash Crimson: So, what're your plans?

Duo Lon: ...Hmm.

Duo Lon: ?!

Duo Lon: A presence... It's near...

Duo Lon: I'll leave you here, too.

Duo Lon: It seems I have other engagements elsewhere.

Ash Crimson: Why isn't everyone the busy beaver? Well, I have plans of my own, too. Let's do this thang again in future, huh?

Duo Lon: Hm, hm. You're a tough egg to crack. So long, Ash.

Ash Crimson: .........

Ash Crimson: OK. Time to put the finishing touches on my little scheme...

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