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Ending (Girls Team)

Igniz: Argh. Is this the end... of lovable Igniz?

Igniz: Why?!

Igniz: There was no way I could lose according to my data!

Igniz: Why?! Why?!

Igniz: Does humanity shun the birth of a new god?

King: H-hey! What'd you just do?!

Igniz: If these humans do not desire the advent of a new god... I shall become a demon! All shall return to nothing!

Mai Shiranui: No way! He's gonna blow us up!

Xiangfei: H-hey!

Misty: Can you do it?

Ron: Yes. I believe so...

Mai Shiranui: Ouch. Where? We're saved!

Xiangfei: Yes! We did it, eh, Hinako?

Hinako: Yeah... It's like a dream.

King: Airheads. At least we're safe.

Xiangfei: Evil is defeated again! How about some dim sum, guys!

King: Did you say dim sum?...

Mai Shiranui: Do you have money, Xiangfei?

King: I won't wash dishes again.

Xiangfei: Oh, give it a rest? I apologized, didn't I? And Hinako's here this time!

Xiangfei: Right?!

Hinako: Yup. Leave it to me!

Xiangfei: Ooooh. Ugh.

King: Hey! How much did you eat?

Hinako: Overeat again?

Hinako: Well, then. Shall we go?

King: ...Go?

Mai Shiranui: ...Go?

Hinako: Of course. It's sumo practice time. So who's paying?

King: Oh nooooo!

Mai Shiranui: Oh nooooo!

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