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Before Battle with Rugal (Psycho Soldier Team)

Mature: Congratulations on your victory! The sponsor of the tournament welcomes you with open arms. He wishes to invite you... Please, follow me.

Rugal Bernstein: Welcome to my museum.

Chin Gentsai: Mmm... I feel evil spirits!

Rugal Bernstein: My name is Rugal. I'm the host of this tournament. I'd like you to fight against me now. And if I win, you will join my collection.

Kensou: Collection?

Rugal Bernstein: Look at the statues around you! These are the fighters that I have beaten! Aren't they wonderful?

Athena: How horrible!

Rugal Bernstein: Hm.. You'll join them soon. Shall I invite you to the battle stage?

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