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Before Battle with Maki Kagura (3 Sacred Treasures Team)

Maki Kagura: Congratulations. A wonderful match.

Kyo Kusanagi: Huh?

Maki Kagura: I'm the one holding this tournament. It's too bad, I thought I'd see the power that drstroyed Rugal!

Kyo Kusanagi: What is this? Is this a joke, Kagura?

Iori Yagami: ?

Chizuru Kagura: I don't know. It's unbelievable!

Kyo Kusanagi: Who are you?

Maki Kagura: I'm Kagura. The guardian.

Kyo Kusanagi: The guardian?

Maki Kagura: I want to see your true power. But if you've done your best, we'll part company now. What do you say?

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