Nappa (DragonBall Z: Taiketsu) says...
I clobbered you good! Don't make me do it again.
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Before Battle with Jivatma (Athena Asamiya)

Athena Asamiya: This place is kinda creepy. Ths is the arena for the finals?

Jivatma: That's right. This is the final stage. And your battle is about to end here.

Athena Asamiya: Oh my, are you...?

Jivatma: Uh-huh. Along with being your opponent, I'm also this little shindig's sponser. It's very nice to make the acquaintance. I'm Jivatma, leader of Kusiel.

Athena Asamiya: So tell me. What is Kusiel?

Jivatma: The secret syndicate Addes rules this planet's underworld. Me? I'm just one of the pencil-pushers who works there.

Athena Asamiya: I sense something evil from you. You're not human. You're not, are you?

Jivatma: Oh, can you feel it? You must be a Psycho Soldier!

Athena Asamiya: Answer me! What are you? Tell me, why are you holding this tournament?

Jivatma: Simply put to gather the most powerful specimens and let's leave it at that. Of course, regardless of your appearance, we are only concerned with the strength and abilities of your physical form.

Athena Asamiya: If anything, I belong to all of my fans. If I belong to only one person... that's when I quit being an idol.

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