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Steve Fox/Hwoarang Rival Battle

Poison: You can't do anything without me holding your hand! And why do we always have to go where you want to eat?

Poison: Would it kill you to let ME pick for once?!

Poison: What I wouldn't do for a little bit of chivalry!

Hugo: Stop it! Why do you have to be so mean?

Hugo: I really want to eat some hot dogs for lunch!

Poison: Those things are completely DISGUSTING! I want CHINESE!

Steve Fox: Come on, let's not have a fight!

Steve Fox: Hwoarang, would you give me a hand?

Hwoarang: What?

Hwoarang: Dude, this is so none of our business. I'm not touching this!

Steve Fox: Suppose I'll have to call Baek, then.

Hwoarang: Man, that was cold.

Hwoarang: Hey! Why don't you back off, pal?

Poison: Hello!?!?! Are you LISTENING? Earth to perv!

Steve Fox: Oh dear!

Poison: I don't care HOW hot you are... You DON'T grab without PERMISSION!

Hugo: If Poison doesn't like you, then I don't like you.

Steve Fox: W-- Wait! Can we talk?!

Hwoarang: Awww, man! This SUCKS!

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