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Defeated Maki Kagura (3 Sacred Treasures team)

Maki Kagura: I thought so. You're my sister. Chizuru, you must lead Kusanagi and Yagami.

Kyo Kusanagi: What's going on? Who was she?

Chizuru Kagura: She was my dead sister. We once protected the Orochi power together, until...

Kyo Kusanagi: So why did she fight with us? What was the point?

Chizuru Kagura: She was testing us to see if we are worthy of defeating the Orochi power.

Kyo Kusanagi: The Orochi power?

Chizuru Kagura: Yes, Rugal tried to seize it but failed. Our strength is needed to seal it off for good.

Iori Yagami: Oh, brother!

Chizuru Kagura: We have little time. I feel he's coming.

Kyo Kusanagi: Who's coming?

Chizuru Kagura: The one who took Rugal's right eye, broke the seal, and killed my sister!

Kyo Kusanagi: What? This wind... Waaah! What happened?

Goenitz: As I thought, no more than a few flies in my web.

Iori Yagami: Who is he?

Goenitz: At last I found you, Kagura! So you plan to seal off the Orochi with these dweebs? I'll give you a choice: die while fighting or be killed quickly!

Chizuru Kagura: That's some choice, ugly!

Kyo Kusanagi: The answer to both is, no! You're worm meat, Goenitz!

Goenitz: Hah! Nonsense!

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