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Storm's Ending

Magneto: Do you really believe humans will accept you?

Magneto: It's a fool's hope.

Storm: I would rather follow my dreams than your mad obsessions.

Magneto: Our dreams are more similar than you think, Storm.

Storm: Farewell Magneto. I leave you to your obsessions as Avalon collapses around you.

Magneto: Goodbye Storm. I leave you to your fool's dream.

Storm: Are we all accounted for?

Colossus: Da, Tovarish.

Cyclops: Move it people! Standard evac!

Psylocke: What happened to Magneto?

Storm: He's gone.

Storm: He was a great man on the wrong path.

Cyclops: He had a choice, it was more than his victims had.

Storm: Perhaps...

Cyclops: Storm! A group of Sentinels are approaching.

Cyclops: One of them is nearby.

Cyclops: If you can take it out, we'll deal with the rest.

Storm: Very well. Good luck.

Forge: Are you okay Storm?

Storm: Yes, but the others will need our help.

Storm: And Forge...

Forge: What?

Storm: Thank you. I'm glad you came.

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