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Defeated Dark Ash

Elisabeth Blanctorche: Ash?? It's me, Elizabeth!

Mad Spiral of the Blood Ash: ......

Saiki: It's useless, Ash. I know all about you!

Saiki: I'm your ancestor. And I am... a God!

Saiki: Enter the door now. Return to our time!

Saiki: We can keep trying.

Saiki: As long as the door connects both eras, we can do anything. The future is ours!

Saiki: Now, go forth...

Elisabeth Blanctorche: The door's closing! Ash! What's wrong?

Saiki: What are you doing?

Saiki: Stop messing about, Ash Crimson!

Saiki: Enter the door! Do it now, maggot!

Saiki: Th - The Door! The DOOOOOOOOOR!!

Saiki: You... What have you done?

Mad Spiral of the Blood Ash: You... said...

Saiki: This is worse... worse than death!

Mad Spiral of the Blood Ash: You know all about me? Is that right?

Saiki: A Time Paradox...

Mad Spiral of the Blood Ash: You don't know me! This world of ours... I... rather like it.

Saiki: What will happen... to my existence? No... No... NO! I cannot die here! U... urgh... GWAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Ash Crimson: Au revoir.

Elisabeth Blanctorche: Ash!

Ash Crimson: I messed up, Betty. My plan failed.

Elisabeth Blanctorche: What do you mean?

Ash Crimson: My ancestor's gone. This means I'll never have existed in this world.

Elisabeth Blanctorche: Why? Why did you do this?

Elisabeth Blanctorche: No... I came back for you. I came to get you!

Ash Crimson: Betty, I'm sorry. It's time.

Rose: ... gratulations!

Rose: This was an honor for my whole family. We'll never forget the King of 'em all! King... of Fighters!

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