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My strategy is to inflict pain to the extreme that you cannot bear!
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Before Battle with Saishu (Rival Team)

Eiji Kisaragi: What's going on?

Eiji Kisaragi: What's going on?

Billy Kane: It's bleedin' gas!

Iori Yagami: Gasp!

Billy Kane: Hey, where are we?

Rugal Bernstein: Wakey, wakey, sleepy heads!

Billy Kane: Rugal! I knew you were behind this!

Rugal Bernstein: Perceptive, to the last. How about working for me?

Billy Kane: Too bad, pal. I only have one boss!

Eiji Kisaragi: And I work only for me!

Iori Yagami: I hate being an employee, garlic breath!

Billy Kane: Anyway, the answer's up yours!

Rugal Bernstein: You sadden me. I thought you were smarter! Very well. I've no use for you.

Saishu Kusanagi: Saishu Kusanagi here. Shall we mix it up?

Iori Yagami: Saishu Kusanagi? What brings you here?

Saishu Kusanagi: How you've grown from a snot-nosed kid!

Iori Yagami: Don't push it, fossil face!

Rugal Bernstein: Enough. Dispose of them.

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