Kouryu (Last Blade 2, The)
My name is Kouryu, messenger from Hades! To all who possess life... know its meaning. To all who know death... hear my words. Foolish mortals... Know your ancient sin! Atone with your deaths!

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Find out whose the tallest, fastest, oldest, and tons of other fun facts about all your favorite fighters.

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#1) Unknown
(11 matches)
Bane Bezouro Highway Man Jack Josuke Higashikata 8 Ratinho S. Hunter Samurai Jack The Joker Utamaru Z.W.E.I.
#2) Chan Kong Sang
(3 matches)
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan (Drunken) Jackie Chan (Officer)
Naruto Uzumaki
(3 matches)
Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden) Sage Naruto The Green Beast
Riki Samejima
(3 matches)
Riki Riki Riki
Son Gohan
(3 matches)
Future Gohan Grandpa Gohan Great Saiyaman
Thomas "Tommy" Oliver
(3 matches)
Evil Green Ranger Green Ranger White Ranger
#3) Cutty Flam
(2 matches)
Franky Franky (New World)
(2 matches)
Black Manta Solid Snake
Iori Yagami
(2 matches)
Iori with the Power of Flames Miss X
Izuku Midoriya
(2 matches)
Izuku Midoriya Izuku Midoriya (Shoot Style)
(2 matches)
Cracker Jack Raiden
(2 matches)
Goku Kid Goku
Kotaro Minami
(2 matches)
Kamen Rider Black Kamen Rider Black RX
Kyo Kusanagi
(2 matches)
Kusanagi Kyo Classic
Makoto Hikawa
(2 matches)
Kamen Rider G3 Kamen Rider G3-X
(2 matches)
Kinshiro Sebastian
Monkey D. Luffy
(2 matches)
Afro Luffy Monkey D. Luffy (New World)
Robert Richards
(2 matches)
Bob Slim Bob
Shiro Emiya
(2 matches)
Archer Shiro
Shun Kageyama
(2 matches)
Kamen Rider PunchHopper Kamen Rider TheBee (Kageyama)
Shun Mochizuki
(2 matches)
Mochizuki Mochizuki
Sō Yaguruma
(2 matches)
Kamen Rider KickHopper Kamen Rider TheBee (Yaguruma)
Takeshi Yamamoto
(2 matches)
10Yamamoto Yamamoto