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Marvel vs Capcom 3
4th-Wall Crisis (Activation)
Tag In (Team Aerial Combo)
My turn!
Assist Call
Try not to suck!
Assist End
Bathroom break!
Teleport (malfunction)
Curses, foiled again....
Trigger Happy
I love me some guns!
DHC second tag
Take notes!
Trigger Happy
Have gun, will shoot!
Trigger Happy (air)
Stings, don't it?
Hard Attack
Yo mama!
Light Attack
Light Attack
Hey now!
Match Start vs. Magneto
Hahaha! Magneto! Welcome... TO DIE!
Match Start vs. Spider-Man
Gonna rough you up like a Broadway musical!
Match Start vs. Street Fighter characters
Hey! I frickin' LOVE Street Fighter! Autograph your spleen for me?
Ninja Gift (Hard)
Get along, little doggy!
Ninja Gift (Light)
Present for ya!
Ninja Gift (Medium)
Pineapple surprise!
Quick Work
Swift as the wind!

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