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Koihime Enbu
Koihime Enbu
Win Quote vs Bachou Mouki
When you lose, it's time to stop talking.
Win Quote vs Cho'un Shiryu
Let's drink and forget about it!
Win Quote vs Gakushin Bunken
Looks like you gained a few more scars.
Win Quote vs Kakoton Genjo
Great Sword of Gi? What's so great?
Win Quote vs Kannei Koha
I don't lose to the likes of pirates.
Win Quote vs Kan'u Uncho
You're mine now!
Win Quote vs Ryofu Hosen
This makes me the strongest there is!
Win Quote vs Shuutai Youhei
You need to be more than just nimble!
Win Quote vs Sonshoko
There's no use crying about it.
Win Quote vs Sousou Motoku
Now do you see who's the greater?

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