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Gakushin Bunken
a.k.a. Nagi
Kyo Classic (King of Fighters 11, The) says...
Are you going easy on me? You're underestimating ME?
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Koihime Enbu

Win Quote vs Chohi Yokutoku (CPU)
I won! Give me your super-spicy mapo bun!

Win Quote vs Gakushin Bunken
I can praise you for challenging me unarmed.

Win Quote vs Kannei Koha (CPU)
I did it milady Sōsō! I defeated Master Kannei!

Win Quote vs Shuutai Youhei
You still need a lot of practice.

Win Quote vs Sonken Chubo
I offer this victory to Master Sōsō

Win Quote vs Sousou Motoku
Do you admit that I am good enough now?

Win Quote vs. Kannei Koha
So much for the royal guard of Sun Wu.

Win Quote vs. Ryofu Hosen
My fist has overcome the Trident Halberd!

Koihime Enbu

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