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a.k.a. Lu Bu, Ren
Akuma (Pocket Fighter) says...
You weren't even enough for a warm up!
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Koihime Enbu
Lian is hungry.

Lian is strong.

Win Quote are weak.

Win Quote this it?

Win Quote vs Bachou Mouki
Now the silence is back.

Win Quote vs Chohi Yokutoku (CPU)
Lian has won...

Win Quote vs Cho'un Shiryu is meaningless to stand against Lian.

Win Quote vs Cho'un Shiryu (CPU)
Lian wins... Nobody can beat me.

Win Quote vs Ryofu Hosen (CPU)
(Speaker: Chinkyƫ) Hehehehehehehehe!

Win Quote vs Sonken Chubo has nothing to do with Lian.

Win Quote vs Sonshoko (CPU)
Lian has won... Lian will... keep winning...

Win Quote vs. Chohi Yokutoku
Power alone isn't enough to defeat Lian.

Win Quote vs. Kakoton Genjo
You don't have enough skill to defeat Lian.

Win Quote vs. Kannei Koha
...Lian is just too fast. Maybe.

Win Quote vs. Ryofu Hosen've got nerve to imitate Lian.

Win Quote vs. Shuutai Youhei
You were too slow to Lian.

Win Quote vs. Sonshoko
You were too rude to Lian.

Win Quote vs. Sousou Motoku
...she acted arrogantly.

Koihime Enbu

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