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Koihime Enbu
Koihime Enbu
Win Quote vs Kannei Koha
I'm telling you. Xiao is growing up!
Win Quote vs Shuutai Youhei
Oh no... Mingming is still too soft.
Win Quote vs Sonshoko
Nanny nanny boo boo to the fake!
Win Quote vs. Chohi Yokutoku
Xiao isn't just pretty but she is smart too!
Win Quote vs. Kakoen Myosai
Hehe! You can't even give me a scratch?
Win Quote vs. Kakoton Genjo
Phew, now it's all quiet.
Win Quote vs. Kan'u Uncho
Even you were no match for Xiao.
Win Quote vs Chohi Yokutoku (CPU)
Yes! I put an end to the boobie contest!
Win Quote vs. Sousou Motoku
The age of Xiao has come!

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